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The Handshake of Advanced Technology & Cultural Festival Celebrations in India

India is a land of diversity with rich cultural heritage. Dussehra, the ten-day cultural festival, is one among the few festivals celebrated in every state of the country with single meaning – ‘Triumph of the Good over Evil and, light over darkness’. Irrespective of whether it is north, south, east or west, the country dons a celebratory look. Thanks to Google Home, today, Rehash Founders have depicted the fusion of technology and culture for an enriching divinely experience.

Most parts of Southern India, especially in TamilNadu and Karnataka, the Dussehra celebrations are referred to ‘Gollu’. As per this cultural tradition, most houses exhibit the mythological stories of the Indian heritage through colorful and vibrant dolls. The above is the exhibition of Tirumala Balaji Temple. This year, Google Home, the recent emerging technology and a product of AI and NLP, has been an integral part of this exhibition. The voice activated smart speakers of Google Home helps the guests to play the…