Top 5 Chatbot Trends to Grow Your Business in 2018

Chatbot is the new buzzword among the tech-savvy’s. Every technologist wants to work with chatbots. So, what are these chatbots? Why are entrepreneurs very keen about chatbots? How are chatbots going to change the future of business communication? These are some of the basic questions that most of the engineers and marketers are constantly curious about. Read along if you are curious as well.

Chatbots are computer software programs that automate certain tasks by chatting with a user through a chatting interface. Chatbots are Artificial Intelligence enabled chat platform that makes a conversation to the online consumers who reach the website. They help in enhancing brand voice and enriching customer experience by offering personalized messages and improve the customer interactions over time. Scroll along to learn about the top 5 chatbot trends that will help to grow your business in 2018.

#1 More Human Replica: With time and technology, chatbots are transformed more into a human replica and enter many business segments such as production, marketing, advertising, etc. Though there is still a thought of talking to a machine, many consumers prefer to talk to a real person rather than a machine. Having said that, Apple’s Siri and Google’s, Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s ‘Ok Google’, etc., are some of the improving and enticing chatbot products that are still appreciated in the market.

#2 Meaningful Consumer Insights: Not just communication, chatbots also easily share consumer data that can be retrieved at any time and used with proper analysis. Such strong and detailed consumer insights can help to automate data collection and perform data analysis, offer the right solutions to the queries of the audience. Chatbots require methodical analysis of the market insights to focus on the areas of the improvement and optimization of the data fed to the bot.

#3 Automated Call Centers: Love it or hate it, you cannot ignore them. They are getting inevitable part of the business scenario. With more and more neural network machines coming into the picture, automated call centers enabled purely by chatbots are going to be a reality very soon. With an in depth subject knowledge, automated call centers will have a seamless 24/7 customer conversations.

#4 Growth of Conversational Chatbots: The slow and steady of growth of Natural Learning Processing has lead to the rise of conversational chatbots. This has initiated upsurge of interface-based chatbots leading to digital conversational marketing. Small or large, businesses are leveraging chatbots to enable conversational website communication and marketing strategies and offer a personalized user-experience.

#5 Rise of Messaging Apps: Messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Hike, Facebook Messenger, etc., has surpassed the reach of social networks. These messaging apps are getting popular among the consumers and the businesses are leveraging this vast reach to create personalized enriching relationships with the consumer and create business conversions.

Chatbots are here today. And, they are here to stay for a long time. They are going to rule the world of business communication across a variety of sectors. Low cost, growing demand and improved technology are the reasons why every business must adopt and apply Chatbots.

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