4 Use Cases How Chatbots Will Actually Kill Phones and Email

Yes, it’s true. Today phones and emails might be engaging and interesting business tools. But the chatbots are evolving and the world is going to look at bots like never before. The age long marketing techniques of phone calls and emails are going to replaced by chatbots that can communicate with the consumers, offer instant solutions as well as generate business leads.

So, how do you think, the revolutionary chatbots are going to impact the everyday business ecosystem? In the near future, ‘send me a mail’ is going to be replaced by ‘talk to our bot’. The rapidly penetrating chatbots are taking over the human position in the consumer interaction phenomena. In short, humans shall have conversations with bonds, just like how they would have it with their friends. Here are some obvious use cases on how chatbots will actually kill phones and email.

#1 Easier & Luxurious Experience: True its words, chatbots will be on the same page with the customers. And, this factor is going to change the complete outlook of the marketing. Chatbots are helping brands to get closer to the target audience. For instance, you have a service of the air conditioner coming up. You get a reminder email to fill up the form and also schedule the service all by yourself. On the other hand, chatbots could just ping you like a friend, and converse with you, for the specific details and your service is booked as per your comfort without any pain of filling forms and following up emails. Chatbots are here to offer faster and luxurious customer experience.

#2 Personalization Matters: We all love personalized messages, memories and moments. Consumers today want to interact with the brands via chat rather than email and have a personalized conversation. This is faster, convenient, comforting when compared to a phone or an email. The round the clock presence of chatbots makes easily accessible at any point of the day and assist them instantly. The lesser TAT time when compared to the 24-48 hours of responding for the follow-up emails are always appreciated by the consumers.

#3 Money Matters: For every business, money matters. Every entrepreneur wants to reduce the operating cost of the business. The real-time solutions offered by the chatbots with effective communication techniques increase the conversion rates drastically. Chatbots are going to act as the first point of contact and reduce the investment of human resources to do the mundane tasks of customer service, in turn reducing business cost.

#4 Increase of CTA’s: The click through rates via chatbots is higher than the emails. Campaigns have far more reach when assisted by a chatbot rather than an email or a phone call. While most of the consumers receive the messages via push notifications, but there is a possibility of the message going to trash or spam bucket. On the contrary, chatbots help to directly reach the customers with the message and increase the conversion rate instantly. Increase your clicks through chatbot campaigns.

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