4 Customers Centric Technologies You Are Aware, Yet Unaware Of

Every business today uses a customer centric approach. Whether it is production, service, or sales, customer centric approach is implemented. So, what is customer centric approach? Why are the entrepreneurs and other business tycoons focused on customer centric strategies? What are the customer-centric technologies that most of us are aware, yet don’t recognize them as per the use? There are hundreds of questions that every business mind has. Scroll along to know the four customer- centric technologies that you are aware, yet unaware of.

Customer centric approach is a way of doing business with prime focus on customer’s needs. Every business decision is taken depending on the customer’s feedback. This approach is far beyond offering good customer service after the purchase of the product. In this method, customers are helped right from the stage of awareness, the purchasing process as well as post-purchasing help and customer service. A strategy that puts the customer in the center of the business. Here are prominent four customer-centric technologies that you are aware, yet unaware of how it impacts the customer service.

#1 IoT – Internet of Things: IoT in simple terms is the integration of different technologies in a room and talking to each other through a common medium called the Internet. The possibilities of IoT are endless. Whether it is a security system inside a house or the process of medical assistance for the needs of the customers, IoT as a technology has wide applications. An end to end logistic management system enabled by the IoT sensors and the gateway can ensure the product is delivered to the right address at the right time. It is a system of social networking where the technology communicates with each other, just like how people do on social media platform.

#2 VR - Virtual Reality: We are all heard of Oculus Rift, HoloLens, etc. It is the product of the virtual reality concept. Virtual Reality means a small screen that depicts no difference between the real and the virtual world through sticking in the eyes. This can show 3D images in life size form without any jet lag with equal sensitivity and aesthetics. Gaming industry, defense industry, etc., is changing the communication efforts with the customers using virtual reality.

#3 AR – Augmented Reality: We all love PokemonGo? Isn’t it? This is a perfect example of Augmented Reality. This is a supplement of the real world in the world of technology. The application should be able to judge its environment & embed a 3d model onto the environment. This is one of the most important ways of engaging potential customers through enhanced technology. Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal are also actively implementing augmented reality into every stage of the customer engagement.

#4 Co-Browsing: Co-browsing means collaborative browsing. It is a new smart technology that is focused on customer engagement. It is a tool which is a must for the toolbox. It is completely different from screen share or remote control. It is a simple solution of sharing the browser only with your specific clients. This is a mix of both technologies where a user sees the only browser & has the capabilities to control the browser. Some of the common applications of co-browsing are tax filing, medical forms or helping the user navigate through the website.

With artificial intelligence and machine learning, taking new leaps and bounds, time is not far when these technologies will augment the customer-centric business approach for the growth of the business.

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