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Sourcing the Future of Online Customer Engagement

Welcome to the rise of the digital era of online customer engagement. With the vast growth of the digital technology, the task of engaging and nurturing loyal customer relationships is getting tougher and tedious. The multifaceted digital ecosystems and the web have posed the biggest challenge of being unique in the eyes of the consumers and engage with them sensitively as well as seamlessly. In the near future, the way the businesses would communicate and sell the products and service to the audiences is going to drastically change. The future of online customer engagement is going to be all about using the appropriate rich content and contextual advertising.
The customers are going to be the most important part of the business like never before. A strong and persuasive content would be a must for all business ideas to flourish. The content cannot just be plain product descriptions, rather, they need to influence the audience to share the information and empower them to be the brand…

4 Customers Centric Technologies You Are Aware, Yet Unaware Of

Every business today uses a customer centric approach. Whether it is production, service, or sales, customer centric approach is implemented. So, what is customer centric approach? Why are the entrepreneurs and other business tycoons focused on customer centric strategies? What are the customer-centric technologies that most of us are aware, yet don’t recognize them as per the use? There are hundreds of questions that every business mind has. Scroll along to know the four customer- centric technologies that you are aware, yet unaware of.
Customer centric approach is a way of doing business with prime focus on customer’s needs. Every business decision is taken depending on the customer’s feedback. This approach is far beyond offering good customer service after the purchase of the product. In this method, customers are helped right from the stage of awareness, the purchasing process as well as post-purchasing help and customer service. A strategy that puts the customer in the center of…

4 Ways Live Chat Will Forge the Business Communication

Catering to the customer needs is equally important as selling the product. A bad service is the biggest offence in the world of business. A bad service always leads to disappointment for the customers. A business can lose the customer loyalty if they experience a bad customer service. Online or offline, customer service is inevitable. In the digital world, it is important, that businesses question themselves constantly and find answers to the question, ‘What are we offering our clients, when they visit our website?’
An exceptional brand communication and experience are priceless way of attracting and retaining the customer loyalty. An effective and efficient business communication can aid in resolving the customer queries faster and help in making the right decisions at the right time. The quickest communication channel between the brand and the customer is through live chat in the digital platform. Studies have shown that the brands which use live chat to communicate with the custo…

Why is it Critical for Brands to Introduce Machine Learning into their Marketing Strategy & Process?

In few from now, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the smart pill that Chief Marketing Officers couldn’t deny taking it. AI & Machine learning is rapidly transforming business segments and offering enriching enterprise solutions, and this includes Marketing Strategies. Principally, AI powers machine learning to augment the efficiency of marketing efforts by envisaging the best next customer interaction based on the customer history and actions. The more data AI has to work with, the better job it does classify patterns of customer behavior and fetching them in more meaningful and authentic traditions.
In today’s digitally connected world, customers are challenging brand experiences that resonate with them on the channels they prefer. And if they don’t feel satisfied with the brand experience, they instantly disengage. AI & machine learning is the best friend of the marketing team, serving it deliver the right message at the right time. Looking forwa…

4 Industries Machine Learning Will Impact in 2018

Machine learning has become an enormous leaning in the technology industry in the last few years, as a more reachable cross of artificial intelligence. Computers learning to complete tasks without the interference of human, just with simple algorithms are taking over the different industries. Along with this deep learning, a branch of machine learning that develops effective algorithms to model large amounts of data and turning to be a mainstream adaptive technology.
The year 2017 witnessed real-world use cases applications of machine learning technologies, where large business organizations have stepped into the implementation phase from the acquisition stage. Here are the 4 industries machine learning will impact in 2018.
#1 Automotive Industry: The self-driving or driver less cars is the most popular and visible application of machine learning technology. As the driver less cars, take to the road, it is essential that they technology and the product responds accurately to the real …