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A Simple Thought Process to Automate Customer Service

Recently, Engineers and Technologists have used the work ‘automation’ in the context of lot digital disruption. Automate the processes, automate the delivery, automate the feedback, automate the back end operations, etc. The customer service business segment is in the process of getting drenched in automation. Yet, automation is a scary word, and concept in the world of customer service.
Intentionally or unintentionally, automation is not new to customer service. Businesses have been automating the different facets of customer service for decades. The automated email response for the query is a use case of automation for customer attention and satisfaction. This ensures customers are feeling that they are heard and they would be attended very soon.
The truth is, presently, customer service is in automation recovery phase. The decades of poor automation have led to the phase of rehabilitation of automation in customer service. It’s time to refresh and rebuild the right thought process…

The Future of Workplace through Modeled Artificial Intelligence

Not just business products or the customer service that the artificial intelligence has influence upon. The recent progress of the artificial intelligence technology is transforming the daily nine to five lives. Yes! Our Workplace. Technology is not just about how it will impact our present, but also how it will change and comfort our lives in the future. The artificial intelligence enabled workplace is here to come and is here to stay for a long time that you can imagine.
The perception of automation is being adopted by more and more business organizations and lesser unskilled labor of work is in the process to get automated. Lesser costs and more skilled areas of focus of the resources can be achieved. This will reduce and replace the human assistance requirements for menial areas and ensure the human resources are utilized for creativity, ideas, and new development. The conversations are going to be technical and the mode of conversation is going to be through technology amongst t…

7 Amazing Facts You Might Not Know About Chatbots

In this technology empowered competitive business ecosystem, customer service is the most important facet for a business to function seamlessly. With multiple and diverse companies trying out new technologies and offering multiple products to satisfy the needs of the audience, it is the customer service which helps the brand to stand out. And in the present scenario, customer service is dominated by the chatbots. In short, chatbots are getting synonymous for customer service.
Chatbots are the big thing that is penetrating the business operations. Chatbots could be mainly for two purposes, one as virtual assistants, and two as messaging applications. Virtual assistants are Google’s assistant, iPhone’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, etc. They are typically empowered by machine learning systems and rely on artificial intelligence. Messaging Apps are Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Slack, etc. that are capable of interacting with pre-programmed rules. This is just the beginning of the booming and bil…

Machine Learning – A New Dimension for Customer Service

Machine Learning is the buzzword! If you are abreast with the latest technologies, you know machine learning is spreading everywhere in every world. It is the weapon of today and tomorrow’s technology. Machine Learning is a technology that allows computers to learn new data and apply it to a service. For instance, Amazon’s Alexa or iPhone’s Siri assistance to enrich the lifestyle of the audience. Machine Learning could also be as subtle as Google Map’s alternative suggestions for a faster route amidst the congestion on the route. Machine learning along with artificial intelligence is bringing new models and dimensions of customer service.
The impact of machine learning tools has the same impact as a personal assistant, one that’s dependable when it comes to repetitive tasks. For example, subscription reduction or cancellation requests from the customers are unskilled tasks that could be mastered and addressed by a machine learning tool. Machine Learning powered AI models and chat assi…