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The Real-Time Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence in the World of Customer Service

The artificial intelligence is presently deployed in the customer service and customer relationship management business segment with the sole purpose of reducing the human resource investments.

Even though the technology applications are in a nascent stage, there are simple use cases and requests of the business segment,  which are successfully handled by the AI without human interference. 

Here are some of the important and real-time use cases of artificial intelligence in the world of customer service.

Artificial Intelligence for Email Inquiries It is very time-consuming and expensive to invest a human resource to just to read and respond to the emails to customer inquiries. AI is here to speed up the process. The AI enabled technology can scan and tag emails to direct them to the right person. This would help the team to be productive and efficient. This would help cut the number of requests waiting for response and reduce the turnaround time for the email response.
Artificial Intel…

Chatbots Leveraging Social Media Campaigns

In the present fast paced digital world, the math and the way business function have transformed drastically. Today sales and business development professionals need not go directly to get the first handshakes with their clients. The virtual world has made the process of generating leads seamless and efficient. And, social media campaign is one of the most important and powerful sources of generating business leads in the virtual world.
Today, most audiences of the business are present in the digital world. And this has made imperative for the business firms to develop a concrete and effective social media strategy. The online purchasing decisions of the consumers are typically influenced by promotional offers, peer customer feed backs, comments and product reviews. And this brings us to connect the fact that having a social media presence means answering hundreds of questions from different customers at the right time, to tenacity. And yes, chatbots come into play at this scene.

Chatbots Revolutionizing Ecommerce

In the present global scenario, time is money. Whether it is the customers or the business owners, everyone wants a quick and right responses for their queries. They expect less turnaround time for the customer service, so that they could make the purchasing decisions faster. Chatbot enabled digital or virtual shopping can build meaningful customer relationships aiding the eCommerce revolution.
Chatbots are tools that provide product recommendations in real-time for the customers as they do the virtual shopping. They are the best method to understand the customer’s journey, improving the experience through capturing the feedback and product reviews from the audience. Through deep learning technologies, chatbots can learn about the needs of the customers at that particular time and offer the right products to them as per their requirements.
Advanced chatbots such as embed bots can offer information such as location, time, specific taste pattern, etc., about the audience. This will hel…

5 Best UX Practices for Building Chatbots

Chatbots are flexible and diverse applications irrespective of the industry and the business segment. But there is one question that always hits the professionals, ‘How do we make chatbots usable?’. Today business organizations are trying and testing hundreds of chatbots prototypes. And one of the most important area of focus is the UX or the interface of the chatbot.
The art of designing and developing an effective and a valuable chatbot requires technical expertise as well as audience insight. There are guidelines for usability practices are already standardized. However, usability for interactive conversational interfaces needs a little deeper thinking and analysis. In short, the developer must always think from the customer’s perspective. Here are the 5 best UX practices that developers can keep in mind while building the chatbots, irrespective of the field of application.
#1 Every Chatbot Must-Have a Voice: Fashioning a voice for the chatbot is easier said than done. A simple na…