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How Intelligent Bots Can Solve the Customer's Problem?

The race of artificial intelligence is on. For now, in reality, the application of Chatbots are leading the race. Some of the major tech business organizations such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, etc., are implementing the Chatbot platform in the Customer Relationship Management and Customer Service business segment. Chatbots are definitely the present and the future way to offer an enriching experience to the audience.
The primitive application of Chatbot platform is offering round the clock customer service with a quick turn around time for the customers. An enhanced and proactive engagement to assist the customer needs, monitoring customer data and insights for the benefits of the business, lead generation and nurturing. Of course, this is the easy path to the global markets and a cost-effective business strategy. While these are just the nascent use cases of chatbots that resolve the standard queries of the customers and the audience. Going forward, the customers …

Why APP Fatigue?

Over the last decades, the APPs have become an integral part of our life. Whether it is buying a laptop, groceries, apparel or booking an appointment with a doctor or any other lifestyle need. In the present scenario, everything has an app. Every business needs a app. The vast penetration of five-inch handy technology filled with millions of apps has been the new age rage. In simple terms, today’s technology and human life has reached its saturation. We have begun to think about technology addiction because of APP fatigue. So, what is APP fatigue? Not many actually know it, but they do feel and realize it in their day to day lives.
The craze of development of mobile applications has begun to decline. Everyone who is connected to technology has started to feel the APP fatigue. One of the biggest challenges for most business firms having a mobile app or those who are wanting to develop a mobile app for their product or service is to find the key differentiator from their competitors. T…

The Ultimate Benefits of Using Chatbot Platform for Business

In the current digital era, Chatbots are in vogue. They have become a rage and every business organization, whether it is a startup or an established firm, Chatbot have become an integral part of the business operations. So, what is this Chatbot? Why does every business professional want to explore and experiment with Chatbot? Scroll down to dig deep into the ultimate benefits of using chatbot platform for business.
Chatbots are high-end software programs which imitates a real conversation with the users through machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. From a simple question and answers to complicated conversations, Chatbots can assist and replace the presence of the human element in the business world. Of course, the technology is on the rise and experiments are on to make it more effective and viable for the benefit of the business.
Most business operations use Chatbot platform to offer the high-end and user-friendly customer service and give the audience a taste of…

Why Customer Support Matters More than Sales and Marketing?

In the present scenario, more and more business organizations are investing, optimizing and augmenting end-to- end customer support and offer an exceptional customer experience. Every aspect of customer interaction with the business – online or offline – impacts the overall business. Today, the business operation strategies and policies are more aligned towards enhancing customer support. The market study has revealed that customer support matters more than sales and marketing because it helps to understand the changing needs of the consumers and retain the trust and brand loyalty. Even though many businesses know the value of customer support, most organizations fail to build a powerful customer relationship management strategy. They get drifted and focus more on sales and marketing, customer support taking the backseat.
A customer support strategy and model that is enabled by the highly intelligent bots, machine learning network systems, chat assistance, etc., could enrich the cust…

How to get Customer Reviews and Testimonials

A good social media presence with high ratings and reviews is an epitome of brand trust and loyalty. Do you think it’s easy to gain customer reviews and testimonials on the social media platform? The answer is a big NO. A customer can be an online advocate for your brand only when their needs are met in a consistently and timely fashion. Even so, most of the times, customers might be happy yet won’t invest their time to express their happiness towards the brand. The question here is, ‘How to get customer reviews and testimonials’ on the social media platform?
Engaging with customers in the most quirky and creative way in the least amount of time would make the customers, the online brand advocates. Simple, easy questions along with simple icons leading to single answers or a comment, could be very encouraging for the customers to share their feedback and write a testimonial for the brand.
A personalized one to one conversation would make the consumers happy and inspiring them to inte…