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Measuring Customer Effort Effortlessly

Do you want more business and larger target audience? Do you wish to gain more loyalty from customers? Do you strive to make interactions and conversations with your consumers easy and appropriate? The Measuring of Customer Effort Score Effortlessly will help you to acknowledge the focus areas of business and influence all verticals of the business. So, what is customer effort and customer effort score, that rules the life of the product or service champion?
Customer effort is the significant series of tasks performed by the consumers in case of negative events and situations. Customer Effort Score (CES) is a metric which measures the experience of the customer while taking efforts to deal with the negative scenarios and while interacting with the customer service  champions in the online and offline platform. This is the post-action satisfaction survey where consumers can take a survey online or offline and give ratings and reviews about their feelings and emotions during the intera…

If You Are Doing This, You Are Getting Your Customer Feedback Wrong

More than frustration, there is a reason why customers complaint and give their feedback. The feedback is a mechanism through which they seek assistance from the business and ask you to act beyond just listening. They want the business to know what happens post-purchase and how is the customer service of the business performing in the field. Yet, there are millions of times when customer feedback isn’t taken seriously and acted upon.
The management of the customer feedback and complaints is the cornerstone for any business organization. The sales and services go hand in hand. They exist mutually. For example, if you are selling computer products such as the motherboard or printer or any other laptop service. If the customer has some issues while installing or using the product, and he or she needs immediate help. A robust customer feedback mechanism would help the customer to leverage the advantage of the user friendly customer service systems. It will also in turn help the firm to b…

Is Customer Complaint a Reward?

When you receive a customer complaint, how do you perceive it? Most marketers do not distinguish a consumer complaint as a positive reward. Every marketer must consider the customer complaint as a reward. A customer complaint is regarded as the best gift returned by the consumers to the business. Customer complaints are the stepping stones to build a loyal customer base and an exceptional tool to retain your existing customers and aid to pre and post-sale assistance for the consumers.
The reality is as a business or individuals, no one likes customer complaints. Most businesses consider complaints as a red signal to an emergency or a crisis. Today, when the consumer needs are changing every day, businesses need to look at customer complaints as an honor. These are intense methods to receive feedback from the consumers and strategize the business around it. A complaint is a value add from the customer end to the business.
When the business is running smoothly, everything looks great. …

Building Customer Service Alert Mechanism

Imagine you are buying an air-conditioner, washing machine or any other electrical appliances and forget to do a regular service to it and suddenly it gets repaired. Think of your mixer or grinder getting stuck just when you are about doing your job. Looks like you forgot to do the service of the appliance. A robust customer alert mechanism would be a best longtime permanent solution for all your post- purchase services.
An easy and simplified customer service alert system can solve the customer service issues swiftly. A perfect method to alert your customers about the scheduled cycle of services and receive the real-time feedback from them. The customer service alert mechanism could be a timely short and crisp text message, an email or a dashboard alert. This signal would be the initial stage to converse with your customers about their problems and resolving the same.
The substantial benefit of building a robust customer service alert mechanism for businesses is that it conveys info…

5 Ways To Engage With Your Customer

Most products need quarterly, half yearly, or yearly maintenance services. Most business organizations have several schemes for these post-purchase services which require investment by the customer. There are multiple features and aspects of the business which come into action after the buying process. The challenge is, how to engage with your customers and get involved with them to take up these services. Consumers are the lifeline for the success of any business. Providing genuine customer engagement and satisfaction is one of the prima facie for any organization which is entirely a different process than throwing a sales pitch into their basket. Remember your customer always interact with their peers to know about your product and services and finds it valuable. Customer engagement requires time and effort from both business organizations and your consumers. Here are the best 5 ways to engage with your customers.
#1 An Emotional Connect: Get to know the pulse of your target audien…