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Sourcing High Converting Customer Testimonials for More Traction

Any feedback from the customer is always a golden feather in the cap of victory. If you are a business organization which doesn’t invest efforts in sourcing high converting customer testimonials, then you are on the right page. More than any paid of advertisements, testimonials possess a great power and potential to influence the purchase decision of the consumer. Strong customer success stories go a long way in retaining brand loyalty and gaining new customer base.
For example, a customer is delighted by your timely, quick and qualitative door step home repair service and offers to give ratings and feedback on the digital platform. Doesn’t this add to your customer satisfaction metric? A personalized, customer story adds value proposition to the business. So, investing your time and efforts to gain customer testimonials is one of the most important branding strategies you got to implement. Here are few ways you can adopt to source high converting customer testimonials for more tract…


Trust is the soul of any relationship. Whether it is informal human relationships or formal business relationships with your customer, trust is the fertile seed. If your customer makes a purchase of your product, he or she is authenticating the trust on the brand, its product, and services. In this digital world of business, trusting the strangers to deliver qualitative product is one of the prime encounters of every business. Seeking after service of products brought through apps requires trust of the customers. Every house services such as electric and electronic repair services, installation service, product demonstration and service etc., is accepted because of trust. Here are few ways through which you can build customer trust for better customer service.
#1 Brand Consistency: Brand consistency is in harmony with customer service. Right from offering equivalent services and offers for all the customers to showcasing the brand in a consistent fashion in all the marketing channels, …


Whether you are a startup or an established brand, it doesn’t matter. Customer satisfaction is a must. It is irreplaceable and inevitable. Customer satisfaction is the most important and crucial criteria and metrics for the success of every business. Just like how you always must win the hearts of your loved ones, customer relationships are no different. You should always persist to sweep the hearts of your customers and cater to their needs.
Live the life of your customer to know their problems to ensure customer satisfaction. It is vital to track this factor in a consistent manner and build the business goals and targets around it. Here are some of the important reasons why every business must prioritize customer satisfaction and make it a prominent benchmark of the brand value.
#1 Enhances the Customer Lifetime Value: Satisfaction of the customer impacts the total revenue generated by the customer for the business. If the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) increases, the ROI of the mar…