The Handshake of Advanced Technology & Cultural Festival Celebrations in India

India is a land of diversity with rich cultural heritage. Dussehra, the ten-day cultural festival, is one among the few festivals celebrated in every state of the country with single meaning – ‘Triumph of the Good over Evil and, light over darkness’. Irrespective of whether it is north, south, east or west, the country dons a celebratory look. Thanks to Google Home, today, Rehash Founders have depicted the fusion of technology and culture for an enriching divinely experience.

Most parts of Southern India, especially in TamilNadu and Karnataka, the Dussehra celebrations are referred to ‘Gollu’. As per this cultural tradition, most houses exhibit the mythological stories of the Indian heritage through colorful and vibrant dolls. The above is the exhibition of Tirumala Balaji Temple. This year, Google Home, the recent emerging technology and a product of AI and NLP, has been an integral part of this exhibition. The voice activated smart speakers of Google Home helps the guests to play the…

4 Use Cases How Chatbots Will Actually Kill Phones and Email

Yes, it’s true. Today phones and emails might be engaging and interesting business tools. But the chatbots are evolving and the world is going to look at bots like never before. The age long marketing techniques of phone calls and emails are going to replaced by chatbots that can communicate with the consumers, offer instant solutions as well as generate business leads.
So, how do you think, the revolutionary chatbots are going to impact the everyday business ecosystem? In the near future, ‘send me a mail’ is going to be replaced by ‘talk to our bot’. The rapidly penetrating chatbots are taking over the human position in the consumer interaction phenomena. In short, humans shall have conversations with bonds, just like how they would have it with their friends. Here are some obvious use cases on how chatbots will actually kill phones and email.
#1 Easier & Luxurious Experience: True its words, chatbots will be on the same page with the customers. And, this factor is going to …

Top 5 Reasons Why Chatbots Will Replace Your Contact Forms

Looks like the customers are using the technology to the maximum and the whole concept of contact forms on the website is getting outdated. Chatbots that are faster and easier to use are more preferred by the tech-savvy consumers. Chatbots are also a compelling tool that is creating the business ecosystem more consumer friendly. Do you know why chatbots are going to takeover the feedback mechanisms? Here are top 5 reasons why chatbots will replace contact forms.
#1 Quick Response: Zero waiting time. Yes, since there is no waiting time and the response is instantaneous, chatbots are largely accepted by the web designers as well as the business owners. The ability of the chatbot to be proactive and ppreemptive is widely acknowledged. Just like how a customer steps into a real-world store, the website visitors are also treated the same by initiating proactive sensible conversations in the digital platform.
#2 Augment Conversions: Contact forms are long and tedious process. By the time con…

Top 5 Chatbot Trends to Grow Your Business in 2018

Chatbot is the new buzzword among the tech-savvy’s. Every technologist wants to work with chatbots. So, what are these chatbots? Why are entrepreneurs very keen about chatbots? How are chatbots going to change the future of business communication? These are some of the basic questions that most of the engineers and marketers are constantly curious about. Read along if you are curious as well.

Chatbots are computer software programs that automate certain tasks by chatting with a user through a chatting interface. Chatbots are Artificial Intelligence enabled chat platform that makes a conversation to the online consumers who reach the website. They help in enhancing brand voice and enriching customer experience by offering personalized messages and improve the customer interactions over time. Scroll along to learn about the top 5 chatbot trends that will help to grow your business in 2018.
#1 More Human Replica: With time and technology, chatbots are transformed more into a human replica …

Sourcing the Future of Online Customer Engagement

Welcome to the rise of the digital era of online customer engagement. With the vast growth of the digital technology, the task of engaging and nurturing loyal customer relationships is getting tougher and tedious. The multifaceted digital ecosystems and the web have posed the biggest challenge of being unique in the eyes of the consumers and engage with them sensitively as well as seamlessly. In the near future, the way the businesses would communicate and sell the products and service to the audiences is going to drastically change. The future of online customer engagement is going to be all about using the appropriate rich content and contextual advertising.
The customers are going to be the most important part of the business like never before. A strong and persuasive content would be a must for all business ideas to flourish. The content cannot just be plain product descriptions, rather, they need to influence the audience to share the information and empower them to be the brand…

4 Customers Centric Technologies You Are Aware, Yet Unaware Of

Every business today uses a customer centric approach. Whether it is production, service, or sales, customer centric approach is implemented. So, what is customer centric approach? Why are the entrepreneurs and other business tycoons focused on customer centric strategies? What are the customer-centric technologies that most of us are aware, yet don’t recognize them as per the use? There are hundreds of questions that every business mind has. Scroll along to know the four customer- centric technologies that you are aware, yet unaware of.
Customer centric approach is a way of doing business with prime focus on customer’s needs. Every business decision is taken depending on the customer’s feedback. This approach is far beyond offering good customer service after the purchase of the product. In this method, customers are helped right from the stage of awareness, the purchasing process as well as post-purchasing help and customer service. A strategy that puts the customer in the center of…

4 Ways Live Chat Will Forge the Business Communication

Catering to the customer needs is equally important as selling the product. A bad service is the biggest offence in the world of business. A bad service always leads to disappointment for the customers. A business can lose the customer loyalty if they experience a bad customer service. Online or offline, customer service is inevitable. In the digital world, it is important, that businesses question themselves constantly and find answers to the question, ‘What are we offering our clients, when they visit our website?’
An exceptional brand communication and experience are priceless way of attracting and retaining the customer loyalty. An effective and efficient business communication can aid in resolving the customer queries faster and help in making the right decisions at the right time. The quickest communication channel between the brand and the customer is through live chat in the digital platform. Studies have shown that the brands which use live chat to communicate with the custo…